Rfid Asset Tracking Solutions

Rfid Asset Tracking Solutions

RFID asset tracking solutions are crucial to protecting your hardware and making the most out of every dollar. With ENASYS, you can prevent misuse of company property while discovering exactly where to best spend your revenue.

How inefficient are modern businesses?

The modern company is extremely inefficient. The average corporation uses more than 100 pieces of software across tens, hundreds, or thousands of devices. Even in the age of cloud, hardware bloat is common.

Savings when there are so many technologies in service are not modest. In fact, a large business can save up to $1.6 billion by auditing their technologies. Even small companies can see significant returns depending on how vigilant they were in the past.

Why should my business care about hardware bloat?

Hardware bloat is more than a cost issue, it is also a data problem. If an employee has more than one laptop, they are more likely to treat their old equipment without the same due diligence as their more up to date systems.

This creates the potential for a data breach. Lost or stolen property and human error accounts for more than 30% of data breaches in the United States. In industries such as healthcare, each breach carries the potential for a large fine with $20,000 being considered small.

Asset Tracking in the Digital Age

Remote work makes getting on top of this problem more difficult. In the past, you may have issued each computer with a bar code and tracked assets in a spreadsheet. This is simply impossible if you give equipment to a remote employee.

Among the more innovative solutions are:

  • Using RFID chips to scan and track technology
  • Highly effective software that allows accountants to understand their firm
  • Predictive analytics that lets you find where your technology demand is

Knowing where and how your equipment is used requires being able to reach beyond the border imposed by a traditional desk. Chipping and tracking potentially thousands of devices through top-of-the-line software is a must.

What are the best RFID asset tracking solutions?

Many companies promise to deliver a potent combination of software and tracking hardware. You need to know what you are purchasing before you add more useless technology to a growing pile of trials and licenses.

ENASYS crafted a system from the ground up for the modern workforce. We built highly customizable software that works across multiple platforms for a highly effective workforce.

Our platform integrates innovative check-in and check-out solutions with RFID technology, inventory tracking, and integration with other technologies. Getting the most out of your audit demands an integrated solution.

Tracking Solutions that Work

IT bloat is common. Businesses have an ever-increasing amount of hardware and software. This drives up costs at a time when the future seems more uncertain.

RFID asset tracking solutions from ENASYS let you get on top of your assets and direct hard-won revenue where it matters most. Get in touch today to find out how your company can benefit from our industry-leading audit solutions.



Rfid Asset Tracking Solutions

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