Electronic Data Capture

How do you input, store and retrieve extensive data without losing any part of it? Why do you still employ traditional means of capturing data when you can use electronic data capture? These and many other questions will receive answers as we guide you through the importance of modern-day electronic data capturing.

Data's importance, especially to businesses, intelligence gathering, academia, finance, and other facets of human life, can never be overemphasized. And this is because it helps to shape and enhance human relationships. This informs the availability of tons of data all over the internet, for instance. As businesses spring up, new data are also formulated. Therefore, we must engage technology to capture data so it's executed accurately and organized.

We know many persons and businesses have questions about electronic data capture, and here is a guide to answers about frequently asked questions on electronic data capture.

  • What is an electronic data capture system?

An electronic data capture system involves the structured process of getting relevant information from papers and transcribing them into electronic documents. An electronic data capture system is a resource for converting documents to process and edit them for efficient and accurate results.

  • What are data capture tools?

These are tools used to provide automated assistance in gathering data, reporting it, asking and answering relevant questions, among other peculiarities. The tools help you gather data by reading and collecting numbers, dates, and names from your documents to fit into your desired needs. Examples are Tabula, Import.io, OpenRefine, Datawrapper, Infogr.am, etc.

  • What is electronic data entry, and what are its advantages?

Data entry generally involves inputting or updating information especially financial information on a computer. This is often done by inserting information on paper documents into the system. Electronic data entry is an advanced form of data entry.

One of the advantages of electronic data entry is that it is less expensive than hiring a data entry officer. Also, the electronic means of data entry ensures excellent work is done, whereas a data entry officer is prone to error. You can also easily verify and track data, and you are very sure of data quality.

  • What do electronic data collection systems hold an advantage over systems?

One of the advantages of electronic data collection over systems is that it allows for checks to discover discrepancies during data entry. Also, you can query without delay. It goes further to reduce errors and other data issues.

  • What is the guide to electronic data capture?

Data is first collected on paper and then transferred to the system electronically. As the days go by, electronic data are replacing paper recorded data. An electronic data capture system is made to reduce errors and make clinical trial data readily available.

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Electronic Data Capture

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